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Years have passed since the first creation of Ouran's Host Club. After much decision, the main hosts have given their positions to a select few men (or women dressed as men) who they think will carry out the Host Club Tradition! Open Slots[CLOSED] Three characters per person. You may only have ONE host. Man x Man or Female x Female or Male x Female is allowed.

Comics - Cooping (Elsewhere from Tea Club)

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Creator's Comments:

Sir Kitsune, August 28th, 2009, 7:14 pm (Reply)
- The Kurau Plushies are brought to you by: Alexis. Cause she may be a theif but she's not heartless~

So Yiska doesn't have a club that I know of and I thought it would be mean to have her sit alone so I put Reid in his emo box. Torrin in a chair, Aki sharing the couch with Yiska and Lars *who hasn't slept since Kuraus been in her coma* behind the chair. Each has their own Kurau plushie.

The others are most likely in their other clubs just trying to continue trying to keep things normal but we all know they miss their friend...also they've been ordering food and it doesn't have the love Kurau puts in her teas and meals. Advertisement, June 21st, 2018, 8:52 am (Reply)

Reader's Comments

Lemon Cake, August 28th, 2009, 7:55 pm (Reply)

NonSugar, August 28th, 2009, 8:05 pm (Reply)
- Field trip?
after the cultural festival
I'm drawing a page now
with viktor's new hair!!

ChibiLaura, August 28th, 2009, 8:42 pm (Reply)
- wait wait wait! can i do the next page?

Jem, August 28th, 2009, 8:52 pm (Reply)
- Aw man, I really need to do some pages. XD

Poor Kurau.

NonSugar, August 28th, 2009, 9:09 pm (Reply)
- ya sure
but mine doesn't really follow the whole karuru thing
(because dakota...i mena jack doesn't know yet)

ChibiLaura, August 28th, 2009, 9:28 pm (Reply)
- LOL OKAY GOT IT! *thumbs up*

Tho... its gonna be... a bit complicated...

i hope none of u guys dont mind... <<;;

NonSugar, August 28th, 2009, 9:31 pm (Reply)
- if we don't get it i'm sure well just go with it

bubblefox, August 29th, 2009, 2:59 am (Reply)
- Awww... and the drama continues around Kurau :( Hope he gets better soon!

Sir Kitsune, August 29th, 2009, 3:13 am (Reply)
- Oh you think Kurau has it bad now? You should wait till you find out about Ruka.

Or when Annabella finally realizes she loves Chou.

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